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The Battle of Coxinga (国性爺合戦) , The Love Suicide of Hambei and Ochiyo (心中宵庚申)


Hanyu Village (See also Hanyu Village from ""The Story of Kasane"") (埴生村) , The Earthen Bridge (See also The Earthen Bridge from ""The Story of Kasane"") (土橋) , Hyoe's Mansion (飯原館) , The Laundry (碪拍子) , The House of Tokutayu (Tokudayu or Tokutaifu) (徳太夫住家) , The Aburaya Tea House (古市油屋)

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Creator:  Barbara Curtis Adachi
Item ID:  07-19
Media Type:  album page
Colser ID:  7
Sequence:  0719
Series:  7
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