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The Love Suicide at Amijima (天網島時雨炬燵) , The Go Game Strategy (碁盤太平記 碁盤太平記) , The Battle of Coxinga (国性爺合戦) , The Two-Colored Reins (恋女房染分手綱)


Shamisen player (三味線) , Narrator (太夫)


Kajiwara's Mansion (梶原館) , The Mad Woman (笠物狂) , The Woods of the Tenjin Shrine (天神森) , The Ferry (渡し場) , The Aburaya Tea House (古市油屋) , The Bloodthirsty Sword (奥庭十人斬り) , The Katsura River in a Dim Moonlight (道行朧の桂川) , The Bamboo Room (竹の間)

Archival Information:

Creator:  Barbara Curtis Adachi
Item ID:  06-20
Media Type:  album page
Colser ID:  7
Sequence:  0620
Series:  6
Container Type:  (Digital File)