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The Tycoon's Exploit (絵本太功記 絵本太功記) , The Dances of the Four Seasons (花競四季寿) , The Story of Monsters (化競丑満鐘) , The Subscription List (勧進帳) , The Summer Festival at Naniwa (夏祭浪花鑑)


Rehearsal (舞台稽古) , Chūzuri [flying performance] (宙吊り)


Moritsuna's War Camp (See also Love for Koshiro and Moritsuna Identifies a Head) (盛綱陣屋 (See also 小四郎恩愛 and 盛綱首実検)) , Shiradayu's 70th Birthday Celebration (茶筅酒) , The Torture by Koto (阿古屋琴責) , The Shido Temple (志渡寺) , The Three Blind Masseurs (三人座頭) , The Temporary Mansion at Tsurugaoka (鶴が岡仮屋)

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