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The Battle of Dannoura (壇浦兜軍記) , The Crossroads of Gappo (摂州合邦辻) , A Chushingura's Subplot (義士銘々伝) , Gonza the Lancer (鑓の権三重帷子)


Narrator (太夫) , Shamisen player (三味線) , Rehearsal (舞台稽古)


The Katsura River in a Dim Moonlight (道行朧の桂川) , The Ichiriki Tea House in Gion (祇園一力茶屋) , The Snowball (雪転かし) , The Rowing Lesson (逆櫓) , The Attack in the Palace (殿中刃傷)

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Creator:  Barbara Curtis Adachi
Item ID:  05-14
Media Type:  album page
Colser ID:  7
Sequence:  0514
Series:  5
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